To find contact information or general information about any one of our Shark Tank teachers or staff members, please visit the Chaparral Elementary site HERE


We take great pride in showing our Chaparral Teachers & Staff just how much they mean to us. There are many ways to contribute to our Teacher Appreciation efforts.



The PTO hosts quarterly luncheons and periodically stocks the teachers lounge with coffee and treats. Money donated here will be directly used to show appreciation for our Chaparral Teachers & Staff. To be directed to our donation page, please click HERE!




Want to help us show our Teachers & Staff how much they mean to us? Items to stock the lounge, teacher bathrooms, and other teacher wish list items will show up on our Teacher's Lounge Amazon Wish List. These items will be delivered right to the school so no need for you to make a special trip! To help us stock the lounge, please click HERE!




Want to show appreciation to a specific teacher? The PTO collects and compiles all of our Teacher's Favorite Things! To find your Teacher's list, please click HERE!