Our PTO is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.


Lorin Bentley 


 Why did you join PTO?

I want to create a memorable experience for not only my children but with all the students here at Chaparral. To give the kids an amazing elementary school experience.


Andrea Klitzke



Why did you join PTO?

To get involved in the school and help build a positive community between the parents, teachers and faculty at Chaparral.


Laura Christensen


Why did you join PTO?

To know the school events and be involved


Jam Uy


Why did you join PTO?

For the children of our community.



 Ashley Orlovich

sharksptofundraising@gmail.com and sharksptofundraising2@gmail.com


Why did you join PTO?

To support our Sharks!

Mindy Beverly


Why did you join PTO?

To help make a memorable, fun, and rewarding experience for all of the kids and families of Chaparral.



Samantha McIntosh


Why did you join PTO?

I joined the PTO 6 years ago to be involved in my kids' school and education and help bring our community together through events and activities. It has been such a rewarding experience!



Cheryl Huie


Why did you join PTO?

The Administration/Teachers at Chaparral are amazing, and I want to contribute my time to match the effort they bring every day.


Monical Latham


Why did you join PTO?

to help out the kiddos, teachers, and our school!




Brittany Jean and Kelsey Girts


Why did you join PTO?

I joined the PTO because I know how hard our teachers, admins, and students work. I think it’s important as a parent to support them as much as we can, and this is one small way I can make an impact on that important community at Chaparral.


Why did you join PTO?

To be more involved with my kiddos.



Cari Carlson

Renee Dawson

Mandy Hank